Who are we?

A small independent grant making foundation supporting energetic and highly efficient charities making a meaningful difference to people’s lives

Get to know us and how we work

We focus on three key areas of need

Tackling Poverty

Raising living standards in the poorest areas of our country is a major challenge . We find that local charities are often directly involved in helping families make meaningful changes to their lives.
Lifeshare in Manchester which has been helping the homeless since 1984 is a great example. We will continue to support over the long term charities such as Lifeshare, Love Marlborough Kids Meals C in Wiltshire and Blooming Blossom Trust in London.

People in Need

Stockdales is a charity in Sale Cheshire which is dedicated to supporting people with a wide range of complex needs, bringing independence and quality to their lives.
It is tremendously rewarding to partner with Stockdales to make a real difference to people who ask for little and bring such joy.

Saving Lives & Improving Health

Our strong relationship with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Institute in the Park demonstrate our commitment to improving the lives of our children. We support the funding of essential equipment and research into childhood diseases.
Both charities are Partner Charities.

What is our Grant Budget for this year?

Our total Grant Budget for 2023/24 is £40,000 including a Small Grants Fund which deals with grants up to £1,000.

We aim to give you a decision on an application very quickly with funds usually becoming available within six months.

Go to our Grant Programme for more information about what we fund and who we support together with how you should apply.

Stockdales is a Partner Charity based in Sale Cheshire. It has been operating in south Manchester since 1953. Drawing on a wealth of experience and a huge depth of skills it focuses on making a difference to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. The aim is to help people of all abilities to live life to the full. This also means supporting their families because success is all about working together and not being isolated.

Find out more about Stockdales and perhaps how you could help.

This year’s Grant Budget of £40,000 has been fully allocated. Currently 10 applications totalling over £40,500 have been approved for 2023/24.

We have confirmed our grant budget for 2024/25 at £40,000. Applications at advanced stages are in excess of £50,000. We are particularly pleased that we have made more grants this year to charities dedicated to dealing with homelessness and poverty .

Our pipeline continues to grow but great submissions are always welcome. New approved applications could receive funding in 2024/25 starting on 1 July 2024. Plan ahead and apply early.

Last year we approved 10 grants totalling over £43,000.