Partner Charities

Partner Charities are the bedrock of our Grant Programme

A small group of like-minded Charities in partnership with our Foundation focused on making a real impact on people’s lives over the long term

In 2020 we asked ourselves how we could have a bigger, lasting and more meaningful impact on the lives of people in need. We decided to bring together a small group of like minded charities to work with long term. Partnerships that would tackle together the challenges that are important to us.

Partner Charities are the bedrock of the Foundation’s work. The major share of our grant budgets are directed at supporting them to deliver our jointly agreed programmes.

They are a group of registered and exempt charities that have a close, long term and growing relationship with us. Normally we would invite them to become Partner Charities. These charities would have received grants in the past and share with us a common purpose.

We and the charities need to know that being a Partner Charity is the right choice. This is a long term commitment on both sides. Can we  work together constructively and be successful? Do we share the same values and objectives? Partner Charities gain meaningful benefits and at the same time commit to the challenges and responsibilities of the relationship.

This family of charities will always be a relatively small group but will grow as the Foundation increases in size and scope. Select but never a closed group: striving to deliver real benefits to people in need.

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