Our Trustees

Nick Parry: Trustee & Chairman

I have worked all of my career in IT, running my own company since 2006. This has given me a passion for how technology can improve lives. It has also allowed me to see hundreds of young people, many of whom have come from disadvantaged backgrounds, start out on their careers , progress and prosper.

My daughter is at senior school and sharing her experiences has strengthened my focus on what we do as a charity in trying to improve the lives of children who are not as fortunate. It has been wonderful talking to her about the inequality and struggle many families find in our society and seeing her develop into a rounded, caring individual who wants to make a contribution.

The charity is a huge part of my life and I am immensely proud of what has been achieved so far but we must build on that success to deliver more. It is important that the Foundation remains relevant, strong and is embraced by future generations to continue its work.

Ann Parry: Trustee & Secretary

Following a career which culminated in working in a school business leadership role I am now a trustee of a large multi academy trust in the south west of England.  

I am constantly moved by the dedicated work of all those associated with the charities we support. I cherish the work we do to support small charities and not for profit organisations where our Small Grants Fund can make a real difference. Supporting these causes can, amongst other things, help families struggling to feed their children and address the loneliness of elderly people, many living alone. Poverty and loneliness are two of the saddest situations faced by so many.

Being a proud daughter of Liverpool I am delighted with the work we have been able to do with both Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Institute in the Park. I have been very lucky to be able to meet people who work so hard to make good things happen and give hope to so many. Working with others is essential to delivering meaningful and durable change. We all have much to do.

Jo Parry: Trustee & Ambassador

I am a Chemistry teacher at a large comprehensive school in West Berkshire. I have a passion for my subject and for helping to inspire the students I teach to enjoy learning.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work alongside children from when I was a teenager in Sale. Following a school placement at Stockdales I worked at weekends and in holidays for four years. It gave me an insight into the difficulties many families face having children with severe physical and emotional difficulties. Later, in my teaching career, I was able to spend time in South Africa. For twelve years I accompanied students for two weeks each year to work with a local school to support a centre for the disabled in the local township.

It is especially satisfying for me that we have been able to support both Tiger Kloof school in South Africa and Stockdales in Sale.  Stockdales is one of our Partner Charities and we will support their great work for many years to come.

David Parry: Trustee & Treasurer

My background is in banking and finance. I am chairman of a specialist IT company.

The future of our Foundation is rooted in working with great Partner Charities to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Focusing on fewer areas but with a long term commitment, we believe, will deliver the best results. Value for money and cutting waste are important parts of our approach. When you strip it down to what really matters and what we are about, it’s all to do with people and focusing on those in need from the young to the old. Our commitment is to help where we can and to do that both now and for years to come.