About Us

What is the Foundation?

An independent grant making charity that works closely with other charities to help people who are denied the basics in life

Why did we set up the Foundation?

We had been concerned for some time about the high operating costs of some charities and that not enough of their funds were benefiting the people in need. There is a better way that puts the people centre stage so we established the Foundation in 2014 to work with great causes and ensure that the maximum amount of our funds was spent making a real difference. Later that year we became a registered charity with the Charity Commission.

Our first donation was received in April 2015 and we were overjoyed to make our first grant in July 2015 to Tiger Kloof, a township school in Vryburg, South Africa, to fund the installation and operation of wifi which has transformed teaching and learning at this impressive institution.

There are three key reasons for creating our Foundation.

  • ensure the maximum benefit from our grants in targeting real need and delivering great value.
  • build an endowment fund to secure grant making over the long term.
  • have a greater input into shaping projects and how our grants are spent.

We want to support important projects that are well-managed by energetic and highly efficient charities. Any charity we support will be able to demonstrate high levels of efficiency and excellent value for money with the maximum amount of any grant made being spent on the people in need.

Partner Charities are an important part of our approach to making a difference.

The Foundation is committed to being open, welcoming and transparent. The trustees make available a wide range of  information about the Foundation to help you gain a better understanding about who we are and what we are about.

What is our Strategy?

We are looking to work with like-minded charities to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Fewer but deeper commitments over the long term will deliver the best results. Our approach is shaped by embracing the following approach:

What are Partner Charities?

Partner Charities are at the centre of our strategy to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives by working closely with a limited number of charities that share our objectives.

Prioritise three key areas:

  • Helping People in Need
  • Tackling Poverty
  • Saving Lives & Improving Health
  • Support vibrant, innovative and super efficient charities to deliver meaningful projects that have a tangible impact on improving people‚Äôs lives. These charities will be well run with great leadership, clear objectives and proven track records. They must be able to demonstrate they can deliver value for money.
  • We want to work with charities and good causes that have the potential of becoming a Partner Charity
  • Grants must deliver maximum benefits in addressing the need.
  • Our focus is to offer grants to fund in part or whole discrete programmes. This could include equipment for example or part of a large scale project.
  • Our target charities are small and medium sized with focused aims and a successful record of tackling the need.
  • Build long term relationships with like-minded charities with Partner Charities being the bedrock of our approach.
  • Make sure that our Foundation is run efficiently. We currently have no staff with the trustees undertaking all the administrative work claiming only reasonable expenses.

  • Our aim is for over 95% of our income to be taken up by the annual Grant Budget or added to the Expendable Endowment Fund.
  • Work with local charities that are focused on relieving poverty in their communities
  • We will only work directly with charities and not engage with intermediaries.
  • For more information on our strategy click the link