What’s going on at Alder Hey?

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is a Partner Charity and our relationship goes back to when we launched the Foundation in 2014. Together we have achieved much and are already at an advanced stage to support their new mental health hub which is scheduled to open in April/May this year. We are looking at making a grant to create the Learning Hub at the Sunflower House Therapy Garden which will provide a haven of green space for children with complex and enduring mental health and sensory conditions.

Megan and Oli

This is a partnership for the long term and we are excited by the challenges we face building on the successes of the past. Many people will be surprised that a NHS children’s hospital has to raise funds from the public, charities and trusts for what are largely basic needs. Our children deserve the best. It is heart warming to know that so many people support this great hospital and ensure it continues to give our children great care.

Read their Impact Report and discover what has been happening at Alder Hey Childrens Hospital during 2020/21. I am sure you will be impressed by the progress and the enthusiasm that comes through on every page of the report.