Tea, cake & company at Triple C

…. who can make the best face?

We have supported Triple C in Norris Green, Liverpool for a few years with grants from our Small Grant Fund. This year we made two grants of £500 each. The first was to provide tea and cake for people who visit their food bank. This gives people, many elderly and lonely the opportunity to sit and chat in a warm and safe place before getting their bag of food. This year has been challenging for most families given the cost of living and energy crises but, as always, the people who already have little suffer most.

The second grant was to support the Food Pantry again. It is particularly difficult for many families at Christmas and the Food Pantry helps with basic food items and perhaps some extras such as chocolate biscuits. The local community coming together to help others is crucial to many families in this deprived area of Liverpool. Our shame as a society is that the Triple C story is typical of too many areas across our country. This is what happened at the food pantry in the week leading up to Christmas– the weekly hospitality and food bags. In their Christmas shop week, the final pantry of the year, they had 99 households booked in and actually supported 163 adults and 81 children.